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"Ebony's authenticity of information was a breath of fresh air considering the less transparent approach from other coaching programs. I got EXACTLY what I came for! The shift was what I need to get to the next level of business success. Now that I have the resources and information I have been seeking, nothing is holding me back from taking our business to the next level! "

Vanetta Greene
The Vision Co. Cleaning Company

""It is not selfish to refill your own cup first before you pour into others. It is not a luxury. Investing in yourself is essential. My cup is till overflowing from being guided by Ebony and the 6 week Mastermind. It was intentional. She filled me with strategic one on one coaching, wisdom, tools, truth telling, life giving, no excuses and so much more. Coach Ebony, you are truly walking in your calling as a coach. Thank you, Investing in myself is the best investment.""

Sheila Spencer
Copy Writer/Speaker/Author/Poet

"I’ve reached the highest weekly sales goal I’ve ever generated! I’ve been using the systems Ebony gave me to keep track of my progress. Thank you Ebony for staying on me and not giving up on my ten thousand ideas! I appreciate you "

Tinika Harrison
Hair Stylist and Salon Owner

""Let me tell you this Mastermind was just what I needed to regain my focus and get back on track. Thank you so much for refilling my cup Ebony. It was so needed and I appreciate everything you and the guest speakers shared. I would gladly do it again. Not to mention, I met some very special women in the process.""

Patrice Allen
Real Estate Agent

"Ebony did not hesitate telling us exactly what we needed to hear in order to take action and execute next steps regardless where you are on your individual journey. I gained invaluable knowledge and received confirmation that I must move forward without fear or procrastination and walk in my purpose. Thank you for giving back and being your authentic self. "

Kewana Parker

"Working with Ebony was like a breath of fresh air. I was feeling complacent in my business. She helped me stop procrastinating, get over my fears and execute my business idea. Who new that booking with her would unlock potential I once buried. I have better clarity now and my business has already going to the next level."

Fatima Rodriguez
Booth Rental Stylist

"I had the wonderful opportunity of working with Ebony in her Don't Wish, WORK Goal Digging Challenge. Ebony is an amazing visionary and excellent business coach. She has an innate ability to help you discover the vision for your company and help you set realistic goals to put you on a path to success. Ebony is an example of hard work, perseverance and determination. She is one of the most creative women I know. She is an inspiration to women like myself."

Kim Smith
Red Ink Publishing

""Every thought that I had for myself, Ebony seen it for me and IN ME She offered invaluable resources, a roadmap for my AHDH a$$, and ushered in healing to the little girl who has always been smart, but somewhere along the way, learned that what can be seen of a woman, means more than what can't immediately be seen....I gained relationships that I otherwise wouldn't have. Invest in yourself! The reward is beyond worth the investment!""

Kimberly Janelle
Kimberly Janelle Enterprises

"Thank you Ebony for allowing others to lean into your gifts so we can utilize our own. This dig has been about riding of nexuses & ego. This dig has been about stepping into the fullness of who I am and what I have been created to be. "

Rae Karim
Author/Speaker/Grief Coach

"This was my second time working with Ebony. ALL of my expectations were met. I knew that this was going to give me the push that I needed to keep my business visible. I was able reach people that I don't know and it did everything that I was expecting and more. Ebony is a great teacher and she pushes you in a good way and helps you tailor your ideas to best fit your personality and the style of person that you already are."

Netra Oliver
Hair Stylist and CEO of Sleek Technique

About Ebony

Ebony has many years of experience as both a trained educator, technician, and business coach. She served in all capacities at McBride Research Laboratories, (developer of Design Essentials) for 7 yrs, where she taught hair techniques, product knowledge, business, and professional development to hairstylists, and beauty school students. Ebony is a true trailblazer, who's resume continues to expand. She is well known and loved internationally  for her witty and authentic spirit.

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Ebony is a CEO, Business Coach, Published author, Speaker, Motivator, Event Host, and Teacher. For decades she has inspired women to go after their dreams, pivot in the pursuit of their passions, disrupt industries, and expand in the face of adversity. Whether she has taught you, coached you, touched your hair, touched your heart, enlightened you online, or uplifted you offline; there's not a person that can say they have encountered Ebony Stroder, and left the same.  Ebony's mission is to liberate other women, and aid in freeing them to become their authentic selves. 

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