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Have You Ever Felt Like...

You are tired of breaking your back behind the chair?

Cosmetology programs have over conditioned us to hustle and bustle for prosperity, by working long hours in the salons. It's time to break the cycle.

This isn't adding up?

Sustainable income is possible

More Free Time is possible

It's time for your to really get in the drivers seat and create the lifestyle you love.

You are ready to end anxiety and worry about making money forever?

Be the go to person for your services

Stop living week to week

Take action towards a new direction

This Mastermind Will Change Everything

The Blue Print To Securing Six Figures Beyond The Salon

So What Is The Beauty Industry Mastermind?

Beauty Industry Mastermind is the place where I will show you everything you need to know to make the six figures, make the transition from always being behind the chair to running your own lifestyle business, just like I did. The time freedom and income flexibility has given me so much, especially during the pandemic. The same is possible for you too! I struggled in business the first decade. Over time my business began to take off, my services were highly requested, and I was making pretty decent and consistent income. The unfortunate thing, I experienced many days not being present after work with family and friends. I was well paid, but tired, anxious, and overwhelmed. What changed? My Mindset. I began creating systems, a better process and healthy boundaries. IN LESS THAN A YEAR, I DOUBLED my income, all while working LESS! My life is less overwhelmed, I have more flexibility and freedom, to still work in an industry I love, all on my terms. This totally transformed my life and business! I promise, if I can do it, you can too!! I wish, someone would have told me this from day one. It would have made things so much more clear and easier. It's my passion to help others in the Beauty Industry truly BOSS UP, and be a real BOSS on ALL sides. Not just on social media, not just at the beauty shows and industry meet-ups; IN REAL LIFE, IN REAL TIME. It is truly possible to live the lifestyle of your dreams, and without encountering all of the messy stuff! And I am going to show you exactly how!

6 Weeks! 6 Lessons to Six Figures

September 13th - October 18th

Receive A Masterclass Weekly

Access to a private community for support 

Resources, business templates, and 

     A Weekly Q&A Session with Me

 BONUS  *Sunday Set Up Systems to position to aid in positioning your week of success!

  • Truly create the life that you want!
  • Evolve past the average model of what we were taught about success in cosmetology school
  • Do the real work towards achieving the long term success you deserve
  • Experience time flexibility, freedom, and prosperity
  • You will be able to capture results immediately to gain a rewarding and more financially free career

You will never have to work long hours to make a sustainable income again.

Work smarter, Not harder. Learn how to real work that's not talked about now, so you can have, do, and be more later.

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Who This Is For?

  • The independent contractor looking for less stress.

  • The beauty brand and business wanting less anxiety

  • The stylist that wants to take control of their life and future

  • The salon owner that's overwhelmed with overhead

  • The Make-Up artist that feels like they are selling themselves short

  • The Nail Tech that wants to better retain clients

  • The Beauty Industry Pro and Brand that is ready to experience more abundance

About Your Facilitator 

Ebony was a trained educator and technician for McBride Research Laboratories, (developer of Design Essentials) and worked with the company for 7 yrs, she taught trending techniques and product knowledge to professional stylists, and beauty school students.
Ebony has been a guest stylist at several Natural Hair Meet Up Events. She’s known for her Naturally Maintaining and Short Hair Maintenance class for clients in between salon visits.
By popular demand in 2O14 she launched her first hands-on hair cutting seminar, the class sold out in one day, she went on to teach live seminars on hair cutting, coloring and professional development.
In 2015 she launched ENS Consulting and her Amazon Best Selling Book Don’t Wish, Work: Pushing Through Self-Pity to Pursue Your Purpose which has sold thousands of copies to date.
Ebony has taught over 400 hairstylist and cosmetology students, as well as coached and consulted with nearly 100 small businesses, and has aided in the development of 2 Salons.
Her work has been featured in Hype Hair Magazine and on Campaigns for Revolt TV and Pantene Pro V. Gold Series. At the core Ebony is passionate about education and overall excellence within the beauty industry.
With her ability to virtually connect with consumers and beauty industry professionals; she is a bridge in the gap between the both areas through education.

Attention Fellow Beauty Industry Friends

This isn't your average opportunity! And the fact that you are still reading shows me that you are way ABOVE average!

  • You will have Lifetime access to this program
  • You don't have to hop on an airplane and book hotel accommodations  to gain this info
  • I will be there with you before, during and after this Mastermind to support the growth that will come from this journey
  • You can conveniently tap into this information from your phone while you are working
  • This Mastermind is totally doable right at the level you are
  • It will not conflict with your current work schedule, as a matter of fact, IT WILL improve your mindset and your money as you go

Weekly Courses

Modules are dropped weekly and available for you in your password protected portal.

  • Module 1 Business Operations (Managing your main stream) - Organization, Business Systems, Flow Work Hours, Client Retention, Policies and Procedures. By the end of this course you should be able to secure your target clients, prices, systems, and go from overlooked to fully booked.Course Value $200+Coaching $297 -Your Price: $167                                                                                                 


  • Module 2 Event Hosting (Stream 2) - Creating a budget for your events. Profiting off of your paid and free events. Creating the experienced, Branding, Marketing and Promoting. By the end of this week, you should be ready to put together a profitable event for your community and clients that will expand your network, and bring brand exposure.Course Value $200+Coaching $297 -Your Price: $167 


  • Module 3 Creating A Live Course (Stream 3) - Teaching your Niche and Expertise, Getting over your fears of sharing and public speaking, Class Sizing, Pricing, Promoting, Supplies. By the end of this course you will be able to create a profitable, meaningful, and impactful course to your peers or clients. Course Value $200+Coaching $297 -Your Price: $167 


  • Module 4 Books, E-Books, And Digital Products (Stream 4) - How to Write a Book in 30 days, The Benefits of having a book, Ebooks vs. Printed, Published, How to Launch, Marketing, Selling, and Promoting. By the end of this module you will know all steps to create, write, and sell your own content printed, or online.Course Value $200+Coaching $297 -Your Price: $167 


  • Module 5 Intro to Product Development and E-Commerce (Stream 5) - Understanding your target market and who your product is for, Knowing what problem  you can solve with your product,  Product Ingredients, Investing In A Chemist vs. Self Made, Barcodes and Labels, E-commerce Retail. By the end of this course you will know the ins and out of creating your own product line, promoting, marketing, and running an e-commerce website Course Value $200+Coaching $297 -Your Price: $167 


  • Module 6 Intensive Strategy (Tying All Strings Together)   Creating your personal Six Figure Road Map, Review, The Strategy, The art and timing of launching. By the end of this course you will have your personal road map to being a Six Figure Stylist. You will have all of your systems, organization, plan and strategy on how and when to execute each idea, and work your multiple streams of income beyond the styling chair. Course Value $200+Coaching $297 -Your Price: $167 

 Total Value Of The Six Figure Mastermind $2,835

Your Price $997

No plane tickets, No hotel accommodations, and lifetime access to your courses.

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Weekly Course Modules

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Moment of Truth

The truth is...It was hard as hell for me to hit $40,000 a year. It was even harder for me to hit six figures as a stylist. 

  • I went to Beauty School twice and accumulated a lot of debt. 
  • My first job as an assistant I made $8.50 which was more than some of the salons I worked for.
  • When I worked for corporate salons I only brought home $232 a week. That was considered average! 
  • When I worked in a booth rental salon sometimes all I made was my booth rent. 
  • I was almost denied my first car because my reported income on record was too low
  • I looked like I had it going on, on the outside but behind the scenes my entire depended on the next client coming
  • I created this the image of what I was shown a Six Figure Stylist looked like and didn't have anything long term to show for it 
  • I kept trying to figure it our by myself

So what changed? HOW did I overcome my greatest difficulties?

Honestly, it’s the same way you might, or ANYONE would.

I had to DIG DEEP. I had to open myself to unlearning and then LEARNING again. I had to seek NEW MENTORS. What I had learned in beauty school had taken me as far as it could. It was time for me to take greater risks other than learning the latest trend. I had to implement SELF CARE beyond getting a massage here and there. 

Most of all, I had to see a different kind of future for myself and my family, and I had to get to work.

Maybe you can relate. Maybe it really is your time to make a change, right?


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